Growth and Development of AON

AON marks a success story as a result of unstoppable work. The numerous projects with significant power up to 3500 KVA and the big names that trusted AON have served as a fundamental impetus in the company’s development.

In 2019, AON took an important step by realizing one of the most valuable agreements that would ensure what AON represents today. Being the exclusive partner of Cummins Power Generation for the provision of generators in the territory of Albania and Kosovo, completed the company’s goals to compete in the market with quality and service.

AON as the exclusive partner of Cummins generators, provides customers with a valuable business investment, without worrying about maintenance checks, or original spare parts whenever they are needed. With more than 9,000 locations around the globe, Cummins Power has already become one of the most preferred brands, massively in Albania and Kosovo.

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Mission and Goals

AON comes as a non-random venture, thought and studied in every detail to offer the market the product needed with an uncompromising quality. Passionate about energy solutions, as intelligent consultants, AON operates first in the Albanian market since 2017. With the same passion, AON also operates in the Kosovo market with surprising results, which has served as a motivation and fruitful energy to develop day by day after a day. Reliability is the main goal of AON, which comes as a result of the values of the products and services, which compete in the market.

Driven by technological innovations and advancements, AON grows as a visionary with strong foundations, providing the ideal solutions for providing inexhaustible energy. Energy consultancy that guides businesses towards optimal solutions is undoubtedly the core of AON's existence. AON is focused on the development of innovations, such as the application of new technologies that offer energy solutions, advanced in time and performance.

Businesses choose AON for a comprehensive range of services that perfectly meet the requirements of each product's purpose. Under the Always ON motto, AON is committed to achieving its goals in providing uninterrupted power.

What we offer?

Motor-generators with different powers, sizes, parameters and applications, which provide a second source of energy, with long autonomy, with reliability for any type of load and with indisputable longevity.

Service, maintenance, technical assistance and 24-hour standby for customers who have motor-generators installed, ensuring continuity in energy supply.

Installation and validation of energy equipment through the implementation of electrical projects, optimization and reduction of costs of implementation and operation and adaptation of equipment according to the operating environment.

Device evaluation service, which enables the replacement of the existing device, with a smaller or larger power, according to the customer, ensuring continuity in investment, reduction of investment and operating costs.

Fleet Guard filter and Valvoline oil that ensure professional maintenance and high engine performance.

Spare parts through several platforms, mainly with QUICKSERVE OnLine, which enables the identification, provision and supply of parts for all CUMMINS engines.

Design and optimization of the client’s investment, according to recommendations, budget and residential conditions, finding the optimal solution and with the best quality/price ratio.

Engine-generators for rent for customers, events or specific requests, which require a complete logistical package of uninterrupted, short-term or medium-term energy supply.

Industrial forklift in adaptation to the daily activity of your business. Powerful and easily manoeuvrable, of different capacities and brands.

Voltage stabilizers, which protect your equipment from electrical current fluctuations.

Wide range of UPS to ensure quality and clean energy for your loads.


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