This February, one of the biggest events in the hotel industry is expected to take place in Tirana: Horeca Fair 2024. This year’s edition, is held on February 22-24 at the Palace of Congresses and promises to bring innovation, networking and new business opportunities.

For more than a decade, the Horeca Fair has been the epicenter of innovation, new products, exchange of ideas, and collaboration opportunities for a variety of different businesses, ranging from companies that market products and equipment for hotels, manufacturing companies and distribution, to travel agencies, trading of agricultural equipment, textiles, laundry, etc.

AON Participates in the Horeca Fair 2024 in Tirana

Among the main participants in the 10th edition of the Horeca Fair is AON, the leading provider of the latest energy solutions. With a product package that completes a true ‘Back UP’ power system, AON is ready to fascinate visitors with its innovative range of generators, automatic control panels, voltage stabilizers, UPS batteries and other products.

In an industry where uninterrupted power supply is not just a convenience, but a necessity, AON’s presence at Horeca 2024 turned into a necessity. Whether guaranteeing uninterrupted operations in hotels, restaurants, or protecting sensitive equipment and machinery against power fluctuations, AON’s comprehensive suite of solutions is designed to address the evolving needs of the hotel and hospitality sector.


What will you find at the AON Stand?

At the heart of AON’s stand is a commitment to reliability, efficiency and sustainability. AON is presented with one of the best brands of generators such as Cummins Power Generation, as an exclusive distributor for Albania and Kosovo.

AON empowers businesses to weather unforeseen power outages, and also enables them to embrace a greener and more energy efficient future. Furthermore, AON’s participation in Horeca 2024 underlines its commitment to the customer. Beyond the presentation of products, AON sees the Horeca Fair as an invaluable platform to engage directly with customers, understand their requirements and create solutions tailored to each one’s needs. AON not only strengthens its brand presence, building lasting relationships, but also reaffirms its position as a trusted partner in the journey towards operational excellence.

An Invitation to you at the Horeca Fair 2024 in Tirana

As the curtains rise on the Horeca Fair 2024 in Tirana, AON is ready to leave an indelible mark on the hospitality and catering industry. With innovative “Back Up” energy systems solutions, AON remains steadfast in its commitment to powering progress and driving positive change across the sector. With a host of events that will inform and inspire you, AON invites you to visit it at the Horeca Fair 2024 in Tirana to get to know more closely the Back Up energy systems which are the key point of tourism in Albania.