SIEL manufactures UPS Batteries and PV Inverters, technologies that guarantee continuous power. Since 1983, SIEL’s projects, products, systems and services have been a guarantee of quality at an international level.

The wide range of SIEL products adapts to the specifications of every customer and industry, for both small and large applications.

SIEL builds the most suitable tools for every customer whether residential, commercial or public. Siel UPSs guarantee reliable power for any type of load, a fundamental advantage for highly critical areas such as finance, healthcare, data centers, industrial plants and telecommunications. brings UPS SIEL to Tirana brings to Tirana for every customer anywhere in Albania a wide range of SIEL products.


GREEN POINT is the new range of online double conversion single phase UPS (VFI-SS-111) with high performance, ideal for providing reliable and clean power for your loads. Ideal for information technology (IT) and server workloads in industrial and commercial applications. The Rack/Tower version is a versatile solution that easily adapts to your specific needs.

Safepower S UPS

The Safepower S UPS series are suitable for all applications where critical load protection is required, from the simplest installations to the most complex ones where the demand for reliability and maintenance is higher.

Safepower S is compatible with industrial installations and the most critical information technology (IT) thanks to its high performance levels.

Safepower EVO


Safepower Evo UPS (VFI-SS-III) stands out for small dimensions. The IGBT inverter system and “Battery Health Guard” enable increased battery life that gives high results in savings. Data centers, telecommunications, banks, hospitals and industrial lines are all applications for which power distribution is often of vital importance. Safepower Evo removes the fear of sudden interruptions or harmful voltage fluctuations.

Safepower Modular SPM

Safepower Modular SPM it is based on modular architecture. Suitable for growing businesses where the capacity of the backup power system increases as the need for power increases.

In the event that a module needs to be replaced, it can be replaced without affecting the operation of other active modules.

It’s easy to add power: 3U high-power n-socket drawers can be swapped allowing for great vertical and horizontal expansion. Offers Reliable Energy Solutions.

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