On Friday, 22.03.2024, Vizion Plus Ferma Vip started. A reality show where famous characters, actors, singers, moderators, models and influencers, will live on a farm and face different challenges doing farm work.

Contestants will work as farmers, raising animals and doing agricultural work. They will be live 24/7 and it is the audience who will decide who will be eliminated.

Part of the cast, apart from well-known characters on TV, are also characters who have become famous on Tik Tok. Part of Ferma Vip are: Ditea Berisha, Renis Gjoka, Gordana Kingji known by the stage name BabyGee, Gledis Gegaj, Rigelsa Cybi, Valer Kolnikaj, Elsa Lila, Florian Agalliu, Dijonis Biba, Çiljeta Xhilaga, Robert Berisha, Mariana Kondi, Niko Komani, Gloria Meshi, Jessica Polo and Albano Bogdo.

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