AON is one of the most prestigious companies in the Albanian energy market, offering a wide range of generators and energy services. AON’s main goal is to ensure continuity and stability of energy supply for its customers, based on high quality and advanced technology.

Cummins Generator and Texan Generator

AON offers generators of well-known international brands such as Cummins and Texan. These brands are known for designing and manufacturing power generation equipment with high performance and long durability. Generators from Cummins are known for their efficiency and reliability, while Texan offers an easy and reliable solution for energy storage.

AON Services, not Just Generator

AON offers not only generator sales, but also a wide range of support services to ensure the optimal operation of your power equipment:

  1. Design and Optimization: AON offers design and optimization services for your investment, taking into account recommendations, budget and operating conditions. The goal is to find the best solution with the best quality/price ratio.
  2. Installation and Commissioning: Installation and commissioning of power equipment is another service offered by AON. This includes implementing electrical projects, optimizing and reducing implementation costs, and adapting equipment to work environments and operating costs.
  3. Generator Rental : AON offers a rental service for generators, allowing you to rent equipment for different periods of time based on your energy needs.
  4. Sale and Replacement of Generators : In addition to selling new generators, AON also offers the service of replacing old generators with new models, ensuring that customers always have modern and efficient equipment.
  5. 24/7 Maintenance and Technical Support : AON provides ongoing maintenance and technical assistance services, with dedicated and trained staff from world leaders in generator products.

Benefits of Choosing AON

Choosing AON for your energy needs brings a number of important benefits:

  • Quality and Reliability : With generators from top brands like Cummins and Texan, you are assured of the highest quality and most reliable equipment.
  • Ongoing Support : 24/7 maintenance and technical assistance service gives you peace of mind knowing that any technical issues will be dealt with quickly and efficiently.
  • Flexibility : With generator rental and replacement options, you have the flexibility to meet different power requirements without worrying about large upfront investments.

In conclusion, is your ideal partner for power generation solutions, offering high quality products and personalized services to meet your needs. Visit for more information and to discover generators and services that can meet your energy requirements.