Many commercial establishments are not prepared to withstand power outages.

Power outages are not always predictable, which is why all commercial establishments should have a backup power system/generator.

Power Outages Are Becoming More Common

Power outages can occur for long periods. Faults in power lines are responsible for most outages. Also, severe storms, falling trees, human errors or poor operational management can cause unplanned outages. In commercial facilities, even small disruptions have negative effects on unprepared businesses.

Preparation is the best defense against a power outage.

The best time to prepare for a power outage is before the outage occurs. Being proactive is a must for continued successful operations.

The Importance of Investing in a Backup Power/Generator System

Regardless of the type of commercial facility, you need to have a power backup plan to deal with short-term and long-term outages. All objects must have one generator large enough to provide uninterrupted power to the building. Look for diesel or natural gas models. Electricians e can test the load and the average electricity usage of the facility.

Installing an automatic transfer switch (ATS) is always recommended. It monitors facility power, automatically switching to the generator during an outage. When power is restored, the switch shuts down the generator.

A UPS is something else to consider. Maintains power during short-term interruptions. It ensures that sensitive equipment such as computers do not lose power until the generator starts up.

Maintenance of the ‘Backup’ Power / Generator System

Generators require routine maintenance and testing. Maintenance ensures that the generator is able to operate during an outage.

Backup power systems usually run on natural gas or diesel. Make sure you can keep the generator supplied during long power outages. Some questions to consider are: Can fuel trucks reach your facility after a major storm? Is there a supplier in your area? Do you have a plan if the fuel delivery truck can’t make it to the facility?

A ‘Back Up’ Energy System/Generator from Aon.Al

Extended outages are becoming more common and commercial establishments must prepare. If you need help creating one power ‘Back Up’ system or want to learn more about generators, contact us today ! is the leader in providing generators of prestigious brands in Albania.